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Plan Your Grad Night and Spring Carnival Now


What do the best grad nights and spring carnivals have in common? Careful planning that begins before the holidays arrive. It might feel like it is too early to think about spring and early summer events, but seasoned party planners know that the key to a successful event is to plan ahead. Now is the best time to plan and reserve your special activities for spring carnivals and grad night celebrations.

Rocklin High School already has an amazing Grad Night lined up at California Family Fitness for the 2015 graduating class. This year, the Rocklin California Family Fitness location will entertain graduates with unlimited food and drinks, dancing, casino games, indoor sports, temporary tattoo artists, photo booths, and inflatable games from Paradise Party Rentals.

Placer county is home to amazing springtime events for the whole family, like the Roseville Strawberry Festival, El Dorado Hill’s Spring Carnival at Town Center, and Roseville’s Spring Carnival at the Placer County Fairgrounds. What is the secret to making these events a huge success that keeps local residents returning year after year? Early planning, and event rentals from Paradise Party.

Paradise Party Inflatables can take any spring or summer event and transform it into a celebration to be remembered. Inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses, giant movie screens with projectors, and even rock climbing walls are perfect for attendees of all ages and skill levels. Paradise Party also offers food and beverage rentals from popcorn machines to cotton candy, snow-cones, and more. The event coordinators in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln and our surrounding areas know that the secret to a great event is to book our equipment early.

If you are planning a springtime celebration, don’t wait until after the holiday’s are over to book the entertainment for attendees. Contact Paradise Party Rentals right now to ensure a successful and memorable spring carnival and grad night celebration. Don’t miss out on the fun!



Five Fun Harvest Party Activities For The Family

file000791555349Fall is here! The weather is cooler, the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, and the fireplace is ready to come roaring to life. The best part of fall, however, is the chance to throw the absolute best harvest party on your block. Once you have set up the hay bales for decoration, and put the spiced cider on the stove, it’s time to come up with some ideas that will satisfy party goers of all ages. Here are five fun activities that will keep all of your guests entertained at your party, big or small.

1 Pumpkin Decorating Station

Pumpkin carving can be messy, and the carving tools can be a bit dangerous for smaller guests. Set up a pumpkin decorating station instead, and creative imaginations can run wild.

What you will need:  Pumpkins in assorted sizes, chalkboard paint, white chalk, chalk markers, table.

A day or two before the party, prep your pumpkins. Wash to remove dirt and allow to dry. Paint pumpkins using chalkboard paint, let dry. Add a second coat of paint if needed. Prime pumpkins by rubbing with white chalk, then rub off. On the day of your party, set out painted pumpkins with chalk markers on a table for your guests to decorate. Even the youngest artists can decorate their pumpkins with this no-mess technique.

Your guests will love to show off their creative side, and you will have some fun and funky decorations for your party. When the event is over, your friends and family can take their “art” home with them.

2 Harvest Photo Booth

Let your guests take zany pictures with fun props with a DIY photo booth. They will make great memories that you can share with them in the days that follow.

What you need: A neutral colored sheet or cloth, bench or hay bales, props, digital camera/ tablet/ smart phone, photo booth app (optional), good lighting.

Set up your photo booth by hanging a neutral colored cloth from a fence or off the house. Set a bench or hay bales in front so your guests have somewhere to sit. Provide fun props like fake moustaches and beards, sparkly masks and tiaras, top hats, wigs, or anything else that you find at the party supply store or in your costume box. Most smartphones and tablets take great pictures, and you can download a photo booth app that will let you put images into a traditional “photo booth” layout. Experiment with lighting arrangements so that your guests faces are illuminated and not in shadow – you may need more than one lamp or light for this. Be sure to share the photos with your guests after the party so they can relive the memories.

3 Pumpkin Bowling

Fun for kids and adults, use butternut squash and pumpkins to make this game perfect for your harvest party theme.

What you will need: Ten butternut squash, one pumpkin, paper and pencil

Number the butternut squash one through ten with a permanent marker or acrylic paint. Set them up like bowling pins on the grass or on a flat area of the driveway. Set out paper and pencil for the competitive-types to keep score.

4 Caramel Apple Decorating

Caramel apples are the quintessential fall treat. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen making them for your guests, set up an apple decorating station where they can enjoy the fun of making their own treats.

What you will need: apples, sticks, caramel sauce, assorted toppings, plastic tablecloth, paper plates, napkins, goodie bags, table.

Cover a table with a plastic tablecloth – this activity might get gooey! Pierce apples with wooden skewers. Warm up caramel sauce and pour into a slow cooker to keep warm. Set apples, caramel sauce, and assorted toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, candied sprinkles, and mini marshmallows out on the table. Designate a grown-up to help smaller children dip their apples into the warm sauce. Let guests bag their apples into a festive goodie bag, or eat and enjoy right there.

5 Inflatable Party Rentals

The no-fail way to ensure your harvest party – or any party for that matter – is a success is with an inflatable bounce house, slide, or obstacle course. Your guests will have a blast jumping, sliding, crawling, and maneuvering through an inflatable, and with set up and delivery included that leaves more time for you to enjoy time with your family and friends.

What you need: One phone call to Paradise Party

Book Paradise Party to deliver and setup a fun inflatable rental for your harvest party. Paradise Party will arrive an hour before your party and set up a clean inflatable to entertain your guests. Select the inflatable that best suits your budget and available space, then sit back and enjoy your party.

Throwing a harvest party can bring out the creative side in you and your guests, and these fun activities will keep friends of all ages entertained. Your harvest party can be easy, fun, affordable, and offer memories to last all winter.


Paradise Party is at Apple Hill!

applebox-960x260-copyFall has officially arrived, and for Northern California residents that means one thing: Apple Hill is open. Apple Hill has been a family destination for over fifty years, conveniently located between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Apple Hill features apple ranches, berry farms, Christmas trees, crafts, pumpkins, hay rides, and tons of fun activities for kids of all ages.

Abel’s Apple Acres is one of the fifty apple ranches that makes up Apple Hill. Evelyn Abel is the fourth generation to participate in Apple Hill festivities, and she makes sure her youngest guests have as much fun as their parents. In addition to Abel’s Apple Acres Amazing Maze and pony rides, Paradise Party will be there with two of our most exciting party inflatables.

Visitors to Able’s Apple Acres will feel the incredible sensation of our Walk on Water inflatable. Safe and buoyant they can walk, run, skip and play across the surface of our water pool. The best part is, kids and clothes stay dry in this zany game!

More adventurous kids will flock to our Euro Bungee trampoline inflatable. They will jump, soar, and fly through the air like superheroes, taking in the gorgeous sites of Apple Hill and the Sierra mountains beyond.

Apple Hill fun for the family extends to many of the ranches. Hay mazes, you-pick pumpkin patches, train rides, petting zoos, and even a spooky haunted nature trail are all waiting for the family at Apple Hill. Grown-ups can enjoy the farms, bake shops, craft fairs, as well as a brewery, spa and wineries. No matter what your age, there is fun to be had this fall. Bring the whole family, and come on out to Apple Hill.

3 Tips for Keeping Kids Excited about Heading Back to School


Green Apple on Books

As summer winds down, your kids may not be jumping up and down about returning to school. With three months of parties and fun events behind them, how do you keep the excitement up for a return to classes and homework? Here are three tips to keep your kids excited about heading back to school.


  1. One Last Hurrah – Throw one last party to say goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year. Get your kids involved in planning: ask them what their favorite things were about the summer that just passed, and use those memories as the theme for your party. Was it a trip to the beach or an amusement park? Was it a summer blockbuster movie that they had been waiting for all year? By incorporating the best parts of the summer that passed, they can relive the fun times in a whole new way. To bridge the gap between fun summer days and the return to school, incorporate the activities that they will be participating in come fall. For example, a soccer or flag football game as a party activity will help drum up excitement for the upcoming sports season. End summer on a high note and let your little ones know that fall will be just as exciting.
  2. Get Ready for School before it Starts – Before the first day of school arrives, spend some time getting your kids accustomed to the idea. Talk about the upcoming school year, and ask your kids what they are excited or apprehensive about. By talking through these concerns, you will help your child to connect their emotional “left brain” fears with rational “right brain” problem solving skills. Get a map of the school and walk your children through a typical day, taking them from classroom to cafeteria, bus stop, and sports fields. These “practice runs” will help your kids to feel adjusted and alleviate first day jitters.
  3. Prepare for Fall Sports and Activities – Many fall sports practices are already beginning to take place, and soccer or swim team practice may already be filling up your calendar. To help keep track of all activities for the various members of the family, use one centrally located calendar with color-coded activities for the kids. That way, your son can quickly see that the “blue” days mean he has a game or practice, and your daughter can see that “purple” days are her practice days. Don’t forget to include family activities so that you can reconnect on weekends. Apple Hill is a family favorite in Placer county, and from Labor day until Christmas there is no better place for an afternoon of family fun. Every Sunday evening, gather the family and discuss the upcoming events for that week. It will give your kids something to look forward to while waiting for the bus on Monday morning.

With a little planning, organization, communication, and one last great summer party, your kids will be excited about the upcoming school year. At least until the first wave of homework arrives.

8 Tips to Keep Kids Cool at Summer Parties


Summertime is here again, and it’s prime time for backyard barbeques, birthday bashes, and holiday pool parties. For those of us in Northern California, that means trying to beat extreme heat while enjoying the festivities. When temperatures soar to triple digits in Auburn, Roseville, Rocklin, and Sacramento, here are eight tips to help kids stay cool and safe at outdoor parties.


  1. Plastic water blasters can be found at party supply stores and even dollar stores. Place a bucket of these tried and true toys out near a water source and kids will gravitate towards them without any prompting.
  2. Create a water-based obstacle course and let kids compete to beat the heat. Plastic hula hoops, jump ropes, a nylon tunnel, and flying discs can all be used to set up a fun course. Turning the sprinklers on, or using a sprinkler attachment for the garden hose, will add to the excitement of the game.
  3. Set up a kiddie pool, and designate an adult to lifeguard duty. There is a reason these small plastic pools can be found at almost every store this time of year; the kiddie pool is a time-tested staple to keep kids cool in the hot summer sun.
  4. Think outside of the “juice-box” for refreshments. Serve whole fruits that have a high water content, like juicy watermelon (92% water by volume!), and strawberries. Cantaloupe, peaches, and pineapple also top the list of most rehydrating foods.
  5. Dip grapes in vanilla yogurt, then pop them in the freezer. These make a tasty and healthy treat that kids will enjoy. These treats can even be rolled in sprinkles to appeal to the younger crowd.
  6. Instead of buying popsicles at the store, make some using coconut water as a base. Coconut water provides more rehydrating electrolytes, like potassium, than typical sports drinks. Add raspberry lemonade, or blend up fruits like strawberries or watermelon with coconut water, then freeze to make a tasty treat.
  7. A large umbrella over a table, or chairs and benches set up under an awning, will give kids a place to sit and cool down. Shade tents and canopies can be rented from a party supply company if you don’t have adequate shady areas in your yard. Misters and fans will lower the temperature even further in your “shade station”.
  8. Serve refreshments in the shade, and encourage kids to sit and eat when the sun is overhead and at its hottest. Provide some quiet activities to keep minds stimulated while little bodies are resting and cooling off.

Try these eight tips to keep kids cool during a party, and your outdoor summer bash is sure to be a safe and successful event.

A Closer Look At Party Rentals | Rocklin CA

Have you ever wondered what is the secret ingredient that can turn any party into a successful event that everybody will remember for months to come? The answer is very simple: high-quality, guest-oriented entertainment. Entertainment is the salt and pepper of every party, no matter if it is a child birthday party or an adult gathering. People want to relieve stress, to forget about the daily worries and the routine that waits for them tomorrow. This is where party rentals step in and guarantee the entertainment.

Why carrouselChoose Party Rentals?

By choosing party rentals Rocklin CA, you will not only get a wide array of rentals and inflatables to choose from, but you will also get professional installation of the party equipment. All the toys and rentals are properly clean and sanitized, and they are inspected on a regular basis because we care about the safety of our customers. Here is a brief overview of the most requested party rentals:

The inflatable rentals will never become old-fashioned, and that is a known fact. What is better than a Moon Jump/Bounce or a Space Walk where the little ones can play? These inflatables are safe and soft enough to keep your child safe, and all the guests at the birthday party will love them. As a matter of fact, inflatable rentals like Princess Castles or Bouncy Castles appeal to children so much, that you will have a difficult time convincing them to go home when they party is over!

Water rides, on the other hand, are the perfect combination between inflatables and water sports, and children adore both of them. These water rides are great to slide on, and if you plan to have a party with both children and adults where you and the other adults want to discuss undisturbed, then the water slides are certainly a great choice. Clean and slippery, the water slides come in mbaseballany lively colors and patterns to choose from.

Interactive games will also come in handy for your party, as they will benefit the guests on many levels: in a nutshell, these games will not only keep the little ones engaged and entertained, but they will also train their attention and thinking abilities. Obstacle courses are a great addition to the party and so are Pirate Ships, Bungee Runs, Sports jumps or Boxing Rings. These games also involve competitiveness, and there is no better way to stimulate a child’s ambition than through an interactive game.

However, party rentals involve much more than just entertainment games as we basically offer you everything you need for a once in a lifetime party. From tables, chairs and tents to flatware, heaters and canopies, we will deliver the party rentals and equipment you need for a truly unforgettable event. You can easily place the order by phone or contact us via e-mail and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Just tell us your rental needs and we will not rise to your expectations, but exceed them with quality inflatables and other party essentials.

Have More Fun This Summer With Water Slides | Lincoln CA

The days are hot in Lincoln, CA and relief generally only comes from an air conditioner inside of the house. Unfortunately this can mean you and your kids having to stay inside instead of enjoy the outdoors. What you might not know is that there are actually inflatable rentals you can use in the outdoors that will actually help cool you off! Water slides Lincoln CA are extremely popular this summer and for good reason. They are tons of fun, great for any type of party and will help cool you off within minutes.

How Do Slides Work?

A professional will first set up the inflatable water slide that you chose at the location that you desire. After this is all inflated and hooked up, you will be able to put water on it and get started sliding down. Inflatable slides are set up to where you can easily climb up to the top and then slide down into a small pool of water. Not only will you be cooled off by the water at the bottom, but you will also be cooled off from the water on the actual slide. You will also slide down easily since the material of the slide is slick, especially when water is on it. PrimarySideSmall

Who Can Slide?

Everyone can slide! This isn’t just something that kids can use (although they will seriously love it), but adults can enjoy it just as much. For the really little kids you can even have an adult slide down with them, just to make sure they are comfortable. Everyone can have tons of fun on these all day long to escape the heat without having to stay indoors.

What Does it Look Like?

There are actually several different types of water slides that you can choose from for your party in Lincoln, CA. Some are small and meant for small children only, while there are others that are larger and meant for people of all ages to use. In addition to a variety of different sizes, there are also a lot of different designs. Prices range based on size and design, and there are some really cool options out there to choose from! There are even slip and slides you can rent out if you are interested in having some old-fashioned fun.

What can Inflatable slides be used for?

A lot of people use these slides for outdoor birthday parties, but they are also great for any event where you have a lot of people and a lot of heat. As long as you have an outdoor space in Lincoln where the slide will fit, then you will be able to have it set up! A grassy area is always the best choice, as this will not result in mud and will give the water an area to soak into.

Is the Rental Worth it?

If you were to purchase one of these water slides on your own, then you would pay thousands of dollars. Renting it is a fraction of the price and doesn’t require any of the work. Everyone will have fun on it, you can use it for any party and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors without being extremely hot.

Summer Outdoor Family Reunion Ideas

summer-flowersSummer is the best time for an outdoor family reunion. Invite your relatives over for a barbecue or outdoor event. There are a number of party theme ideas to choose from when planning for an event like this. You can take the stress out of planning by asking your family members to help out. Make sure that you have all your bases covered by creating a check-list. You need to plan for an event like this at least two weeks ahead of time. This gives you time to avail of party rentals if you are getting any.

Since you’re having a summer family gathering, you need outdoor activities to occupy the kids. They won’t be happy just sitting around and chatting. Consider renting an inflatable bounce house to add some fun to your party. These brightly colored bounce castles are sure to be a hit at every party. Kids aren’t the only ones who will want to try bouncing in one of these things. Teenagers and some adults might even want to give it a try. If you have enough room in your backyard, you can also avail of inflatable water slide rentals. Cool off during hot summer days with this fun set. You can get nice action photographs of kids going down the water slide and just having a good time.

Concession rentals such as popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy machines are also great for summer parties. Your guests will enjoy having these snacks at your event. Cute concession rentals also add a nice vintage touch or carnival feel to any party. Your kids will love these things and might even want to have them in the backyard forever. Having these rentals will also help you cut-down on planning and food preparation.

Think of fun outdoor activities or interactive games for your guests. Everyone loves candy. Why not set up a pinata for everyone to play? You can also hang beautiful colorful banners over your tables to complete the summer look and add a bit of festivity to your party. There are a lot of little details you could add to your event in order to make it look more festive. A beautiful tent to provide shade for your guests and look beautiful in your backyard. You can always avail of party rentals if you need anything for your event. Make sure you have everything you need for a wonderful summer outdoor family reunion.

Patriotic Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Looking for 4th of July desserts recipes? These red, white, and blue strawberries are awesome enough to impress. And they are super-easy to make.

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Blue Sugar & Nonpareils


2 lbs fresh strawberries with fresh green caps attached
2 cups white chocolate chips
1 spoon shortening
blue sugar crystals
blue nonpareils

Wash and dry the strawberries, leaving the green caps

Melt one cup of white chocolate chips and one tablespoon of shortening in a metal bowl placed over some simmering water, and stir until smooth.

Pour blue sugar crystals and blue nonpareils in small bowls

Dip the strawberries in the melted white chocolate

Then in the sugar or nonpareils. Then place them on a wax paper lined baking sheet until they harden.


Summertime is Party-time!

Summer-PartySummer is the season for fun and frolic. Schools and colleges shut their doors, days are warm and long and the afternoons are perfect for lazing around. Summer is the ideal time to be with family and friends, take trips, go to the beach and generally let your hair down and put your feet up.

Summertime: Outdoor party time?

Summer days are characterized with wonderful weather; it is indeed a shame to spend such a day cooped up inside the house. Summertime is great for having outdoor events; it is the perfect season for organizing outdoor parties for just about any occasion, or to simply get everyone together by the pool or in the garden and have a great time.

Outdoors versus Indoors

Organizing an outdoor party requires slightly more effort than organizing a party indoors. A party inside the house generally has a sober atmosphere, where people sit and chat and children play board games. A party in the garden on the other hand is relatively livelier with a lot more space for children to run around and for adults to enjoy their time under the sun. However, proper arrangement of appropriate activities is necessary to ensure that your summer outdoor party is a resounding success.

Using Rentals Effectively

One of the biggest concerns about organizing an outdoor party is the furniture issue. Using furniture meant for the house is not desirable. A better option is to rent tables, chairs and even tents for an outdoor party. This not only takes care of any shortfall that might happen, but also, ensures that you have proper garden furniture for your party. A tent can be used as a play area, the dining area or as a place to sit if the sun gets too strong.

Summer is the best time of the year for children. Free from the daily drudgery of school and homework, summers signify ice creams and lots of outdoor playtime. A major portion of the success of your outdoor party depends on how child friendly you make it. Renting fun and safe activities for children is a good way to keep them busy. You can opt for bounce house rentals or inflatable water slides, among others. Bounce house rentals are a great activity for children as they can keep them busy and entertained for hours. Also, renting bounce houses, water slides and other amusements lend a fair ground air to your party.

Food: The Deciding Factor

The most important part of any party is the food. If the menu does not compliment the theme, the party swiftly becomes a disaster. More than the main course, snacks hold the key to a party’s success. These can be something which everyone enjoys. So how about some potato chips and dip, sandwiches, lemonade and other chilled drinks. Another good choice is opting for concession rentals such as popcorn machines, cotton candy, snow cone machines etc. to lend variety to your party food. These machines have the potential to keep children busy and are popular with adults as well.


Summer is the only season feasible for hosting an outdoor party as days are long and nights are warm. It is ideal to spend quality time with friends and family. The best way to do so is by having a fun, gala outdoor party.