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New Year's Resolution for High School?

New Year’s Resolution (Photo credit: Carol VanHook)


Another year has come and gone. With it, we’ve had many ups and downs. One year ago today, we made resolutions of life lived right. No more unhealthy eating, no more treating others poorly, no more this, and no more that. Some of us were able to make our New Year’s Resolutions a reality, while the vast majority of us quickly forgot about the resolutions we made just a few days and/or weeks before.

However, with each year that passes, we are given new opportunities to achieve the goals that we have set out for ourselves. A New Year brings new hopes, dreams, and expectations of resolutions that last.

Sure, we may not have perfectly achieved all of our goals last year. There were surely moments of pure bliss as we accomplished what we set out to accomplish. But, again, there were also likely many moments that we wish we could take back.

Now is the time to wipe those doubts, fears, and wrongs from last year. Start fresh. If you wronged someone, make it right. If you continued to eat poorly, eat healthy. If you’re determined to exercise, exercise. If you’ve resolved to do better in school, study harder. As for me, although I’ve failed to meet my New Year’s Resolutions in the past, I start this year with a fresh start…and many joyful expectations!


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